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Doubts about adding eSports events

Fri Mar 15, 2019 7:06 pm

Hi Zag,

I was thinking in adding some events to the eSports section as it's still empty, but I have some doubts:

The leagues created are game-based instead of real game leagues. Do you want to add the all the events on this way or do you prefer to create individual real leagues?

For example, for League of Legends, here you can see some of them that currently are running (there're some more):

League of Legends Championship Series
League of Legends European Championsip
League of Legends Champions Korea
League of Legends Pro League
League of Legends Master Series

For all of these leagues are available their relative league badge, website, etc... All this info is also available for other games such as:

Call of Duty
Apex Legends
Gears of War
Rocket League

What do you think? Do you want to group all events under one game-league of split them into real current leagues?

If you prefer to group them all in one-game league, I suggest to change the way to enter the events from "soccer" event template into "fighting" event template. On that way, you can name the event indicating this info. For example: "LCS Spring Season: Optic Gaming vs CLG" or "TCL Winter Season: Team AURORA vs Dark Passage"

Awaiting your comments! :)

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