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Adding Teams Abbreviations

Posted: Thu Jan 11, 2018 4:02 pm
by edalex
Hi all,
it looks like some leagues (mostly north american) are widely using team nicknames and 3-letter abbreviations.
What about mass update team details with such names in db to help everybody and possibly let us search by those names with api in future? :oops:
I.e. if I see "Sabres vs. Coyotes" somewhere or "CGY vs. TBL" on NHL site I could be confused unless I could possibly check ... .php?t=CBJ on thesportsdb :oops:
I've looked in main leagues data. Looks like they have abbreviations somewhere but nicknames are blank ... sp=sharing :?
In my opinion team should have all three names in db i.e. "Calgary Flames", "Flames", "CGY"
What do you think?
Possible sources in wiki: ... reviations ... reviations ... reviations ... reviations