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[Concept] Honours Overview

Sat Jun 15, 2019 3:26 pm

Hi Zag,

Here you can see a proposal for a new section called "Honours Overview" where you can see a chronological order for honours (based on the existing ones for players) on a fancy way displaying:

- Honour celebration image (clicking on it jumps into linked event)
- Honour season + honour name
- Honour date
- Honour icon (clicking on it jumps into related honour page)
- Team badge or player cutout (clicking on it jumps into team/player page)

This section also let you to select by honour in order to display the players who have won an specific honour and shorted by quantity (similar way that on "Hall of Fame" section)


Also here you can see an example of how could be the form to enter the info to this section:


Hope you like the idea! ;)

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