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Ring of Honor (ROH) is an American professional wrestling promotion, founded in 2002 by RF Video owner Rob Feinstein. From 2002 to 2011, the promotion was under the ownership of Cary Silkin before being sold to the Sinclair Broadcast Group (SBG), an American telecommunications company that operates the largest number of local television stations in the United States.

ROH holds TV tapings, pay-per-view events, live events and internet pay-per-view events throughout the United States and Canada. It has also held shows in the United Kingdom and Japan. Annual shows include the Anniversary Show, Supercard of Honor (held annually during WrestleMania weekend), Best in the World, Global Wars (held annually in Toronto), Death Before Dishonor, Glory By Honor, and Final Battle (the last show of the calendar year and ROH's marquee event).

ROH records all of its shows and sells them on DVD through mail order and through its online store, which has developed a fanbase for the promotion in the United States and beyond. In 2009, ROH signed a television deal with HDNet, which aired shows every week until 2011. As of September 2011, ROH's flagship broadcast Ring of Honor Wrestling has been syndicated by parent company Sinclair Broadcasting, and airs on Sinclair owned stations across the country. ROH is also broadcast on Samurai TV in Japan, and is widely regarded as the third largest professional wrestling promotion in the United States, behind WWE and TNA.

On June 22, 2014, ROH had its first live pay-per-view broadcast, Best in the World from Nashville, Tennessee. It was followed-up on December 7 with their biggest show of the year Final Battle, from Terminal 5 in New York City. Their next pay-per-view aired March 1, 2015, which was their 13th Anniversary Show, from Las Vegas, Nevada. On May 27, 2015 ROH signed a TV deal with Destination America and began airing new episodes June 3.

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