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Born on this day

Shannon Brady (22 years old)
Eial Strahman (29 years old)
Cristiano Lupatelli (40 years old)
Alexandre Raineau (32 years old)
David Perkins (36 years old)

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Hall of Fame

Michael Jordan (69 honours)
Cristiano Ronaldo (66 honours)
Lionel Messi (64 honours)
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (55 honours)
Andres Iniesta (51 honours)

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Argentina vs Croatia 21:00:00
Denmark vs Australia 16:00:00
France vs Peru 20:00:00

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Minnesota Twins vs Boston Red Houston Astros vs Tampa Bay Ra Kansas City Royals vs Texas Ra Colorado Rockies vs New York M
New York Yankees vs Seattle Ma Pittsburgh Pirates vs Arizona Washington Nationals vs Baltim Cincinnati Reds vs Chicago Cub
Denmark vs Australia France vs Peru Argentina vs Croatia

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Bryan Cristante Benik Afobe Guram Kashia Sebastian Larsson

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