Toni Kroos


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1990 (31 years old)

Birth Place
Greifswald, East Germany


Team Number

1.83 m (6 ft 0 in)

77 kg



adidas 11pro



Market Value
25,00 Mill. €

Wage Year
£10,400,000 (£200,000 a week)

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Real Madrid

2nd Team

Spanish La Liga

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Toni Kroos (German pronunciation: ; born 4 January 1990) is a German professional footballer who plays as a midfielder for La Liga club Real Madrid and the Germany national team. Kroos plays mainly as a central midfielder, but has also been deployed as a deep-lying playmaker in his career. Known for his vision, passing, creativity, crossing and set-piece ability, Kroos is widely regarded as one of the best midfielders in the world.

Kroos began his senior club career playing for Bayern Munich, where he made his debut at age 17 in 2007. He was sparingly used, and opted for an 18-month loan spell at fellow Bundesliga side Bayer Leverkusen, where he became a key contributor, and returned to his parent club with an increased profile in 2010. With Bayern, Kroos won two consecutive league titles, a UEFA Champions League title, two DFB-Pokal titles, and was voted into the league team of the season three times. In 2014, he joined Real Madrid in a transfer worth €25 million.

In Madrid, Kroos won nine trophies, including two La Liga titles and three UEFA Champions League titles, which he won consecutively from 2016 and 2018, each time being selected in the competition's team of the season. He has been selected in the FIFPro World11 and UEFA Team of the Year three times, and the league's team of the season twice. He was voted the IFFHS World's Best Playmaker in 2014 and German Footballer of the Year in 2018.

Kroos won Golden Player at the 2006 UEFA European Under-17 Championship, where he also finished as top goalscorer, and won the Golden Ball at the 2007 FIFA U-17 World Cup. He made his senior debut for Germany in 2010, at age 20, and appeared in five major tournaments. Kroos helped Germany win the 2014 FIFA World Cup, where he was top assist provider and voted to the All-Star Team, Dream Team, and German Player of the Year. At UEFA Euro 2016, he was selected to the Team of the Tournament.

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GermanyAppearancesUEFA Nations League20205

GermanyMins PlayedUEFA Nations League2020450

Real MadridAppearancesCopa del Rey2019-20202

Real MadridAppearancesSpanish La Liga2019-202035

Real MadridAppearancesSupercopa de Espana2019-20202

Real MadridAppearancesUEFA Champions League2019-20206

Real MadridAssistsCopa del Rey2019-20202

Real MadridAssistsSpanish La Liga2019-20205

Real MadridAssistsUEFA Champions League2019-20202

Real MadridGoalsSpanish La Liga2019-20204

Real MadridGoalsSupercopa de Espana2019-20201

Real MadridGoalsUEFA Champions League2019-20201

Real MadridMins PlayedCopa del Rey2019-2020180

Real MadridMins PlayedSpanish La Liga2019-20202,656

Real MadridMins PlayedSupercopa de Espana2019-2020193

Real MadridMins PlayedUEFA Champions League2019-2020540

GermanyAppearancesUEFA European Championships20195

GermanyAssistsUEFA European Championships20192

GermanyGoalsUEFA European Championships20193

GermanyMins PlayedUEFA European Championships2019450

Real MadridAppearancesCopa del Rey2018-20194

Real MadridAppearancesSpanish La Liga2018-201928

Real MadridAppearancesUEFA Champions League2018-20198

Real MadridAssistsSpanish La Liga2018-20194

Real MadridAssistsUEFA Champions League2018-20192

Real MadridGoalsUEFA Champions League2018-20191

Real MadridMins PlayedCopa del Rey2018-2019297

Real MadridMins PlayedSpanish La Liga2018-20192,227

Real MadridMins PlayedUEFA Champions League2018-2019645

GermanyAppearancesFIFA World Cup20183

GermanyAppearancesInternational Friendlies20184

GermanyAppearancesUEFA Nations League20184

Real MadridAppearancesFIFA Club World Cup20182

Real MadridAppearancesUEFA Super Cup20181

GermanyAssistsInternational Friendlies20181

GermanyAssistsUEFA Nations League20181

GermanyGoalsFIFA World Cup20181

GermanyGoalsUEFA Nations League20181

GermanyMins PlayedFIFA World Cup2018270

GermanyMins PlayedInternational Friendlies2018360

GermanyMins PlayedUEFA Nations League2018360

Real MadridMins PlayedFIFA Club World Cup2018160

Real MadridMins PlayedUEFA Super Cup2018102

Real MadridAppearancesSpanish La Liga2017-201827

Real MadridAppearancesUEFA Champions League2017-201812

Real MadridAssistsSpanish La Liga2017-20187

Real MadridAssistsUEFA Champions League2017-20183

Real MadridGoalsSpanish La Liga2017-20185

Real MadridMins PlayedSpanish La Liga2017-20182,268

Real MadridMins PlayedUEFA Champions League2017-2018952

GermanyAppearancesFIFA World Cup20174

GermanyAppearancesInternational Friendlies20172

Real MadridAppearancesFIFA Club World Cup20171

Real MadridAppearancesSupercopa de Espana20172

Real MadridAppearancesUEFA Super Cup20171

GermanyAssistsFIFA World Cup20171

GermanyMins PlayedFIFA World Cup2017359

GermanyMins PlayedInternational Friendlies2017180

Real MadridMins PlayedFIFA Club World Cup201790

Real MadridMins PlayedSupercopa de Espana2017170

Real MadridMins PlayedUEFA Super Cup201790

Real MadridAppearancesCopa del Rey2016-20175

Real MadridAppearancesSpanish La Liga2016-201729

Real MadridAppearancesUEFA Champions League2016-201712

Real MadridAssistsCopa del Rey2016-20171

Real MadridAssistsSpanish La Liga2016-201712

Real MadridAssistsUEFA Champions League2016-20171

Real MadridGoalsSpanish La Liga2016-20173

Real MadridGoalsUEFA Champions League2016-20171

Real MadridMins PlayedCopa del Rey2016-2017450

Real MadridMins PlayedSpanish La Liga2016-20172,500

Real MadridMins PlayedUEFA Champions League2016-20171,028

GermanyAppearancesFIFA World Cup20163

GermanyAppearancesInternational Friendlies20163

GermanyAppearancesUEFA European Championships20166

Real MadridAppearancesFIFA Club World Cup20162

GermanyAssistsUEFA European Championships20161

Real MadridAssistsFIFA Club World Cup20162

GermanyGoalsFIFA World Cup20161

GermanyGoalsInternational Friendlies20162

GermanyMins PlayedFIFA World Cup2016256

GermanyMins PlayedInternational Friendlies2016248

GermanyMins PlayedUEFA European Championships2016570

Real MadridMins PlayedFIFA Club World Cup2016192

Real MadridAppearancesSpanish La Liga2015-201632

Real MadridAppearancesUEFA Champions League2015-201612

Real MadridAssistsSpanish La Liga2015-201611

Real MadridAssistsUEFA Champions League2015-20162

Real MadridGoalsSpanish La Liga2015-20161

Real MadridMins PlayedSpanish La Liga2015-20162,746

Real MadridMins PlayedUEFA Champions League2015-2016995

GermanyAppearancesUEFA European Championships20155

GermanyAssistsUEFA European Championships20151

GermanyMins PlayedUEFA European Championships2015450

Real MadridAppearancesCopa del Rey2014-20152

Real MadridAppearancesSpanish La Liga2014-201536

Real MadridAppearancesUEFA Champions League2014-201512

Real MadridAssistsCopa del Rey2014-20151

Real MadridAssistsSpanish La Liga2014-20158

Real MadridAssistsUEFA Champions League2014-20153

Real MadridGoalsSpanish La Liga2014-20152

Real MadridMins PlayedCopa del Rey2014-2015180

Real MadridMins PlayedSpanish La Liga2014-20153,064

Real MadridMins PlayedUEFA Champions League2014-2015968

GermanyAppearancesFIFA World Cup20147

GermanyAppearancesInternational Friendlies20145

GermanyAppearancesUEFA European Championships20144

Real MadridAppearancesFIFA Club World Cup20142

Real MadridAppearancesSupercopa de Espana20142

Real MadridAppearancesUEFA Super Cup20141

GermanyAssistsFIFA World Cup20144

GermanyAssistsInternational Friendlies20141

Real MadridAssistsFIFA Club World Cup20142

GermanyGoalsFIFA World Cup20142

GermanyGoalsInternational Friendlies20141

GermanyGoalsUEFA European Championships20141

GermanyMins PlayedFIFA World Cup2014690

GermanyMins PlayedInternational Friendlies2014431

GermanyMins PlayedUEFA European Championships2014350

Real MadridMins PlayedFIFA Club World Cup2014163

Real MadridMins PlayedSupercopa de Espana2014135

Real MadridMins PlayedUEFA Super Cup201490

Bayern MunichAppearancesDFB-Pokal2013-20146

Bayern MunichAppearancesGerman Bundesliga2013-201429

Bayern MunichAppearancesUEFA Champions League2013-201412

Bayern MunichAssistsDFB-Pokal2013-20142

Bayern MunichAssistsGerman Bundesliga2013-20144

Bayern MunichAssistsUEFA Champions League2013-20142

Bayern MunichGoalsDFB-Pokal2013-20141

Bayern MunichGoalsGerman Bundesliga2013-20142

Bayern MunichGoalsUEFA Champions League2013-20141

Bayern MunichMins PlayedDFB-Pokal2013-2014557

Bayern MunichMins PlayedGerman Bundesliga2013-20142,064

Bayern MunichMins PlayedUEFA Champions League2013-2014986

Bayern MunichAppearancesFIFA Club World Cup20132

Bayern MunichAppearancesGerman Super Cup20131

Bayern MunichAppearancesUEFA Super Cup20131

GermanyAppearancesFIFA World Cup20134

GermanyAppearancesInternational Friendlies20133

Bayern MunichAssistsUEFA Super Cup20131

GermanyAssistsFIFA World Cup20133

GermanyAssistsInternational Friendlies20132

GermanyGoalsFIFA World Cup20131

Bayern MunichMins PlayedFIFA Club World Cup2013118

Bayern MunichMins PlayedGerman Super Cup201386

Bayern MunichMins PlayedUEFA Super Cup2013120

GermanyMins PlayedFIFA World Cup2013360

GermanyMins PlayedInternational Friendlies2013213

Bayern MunichAppearancesDFB-Pokal2012-20133

Bayern MunichAppearancesGerman Bundesliga2012-201324

Bayern MunichAppearancesUEFA Champions League2012-20139

Bayern MunichAssistsGerman Bundesliga2012-20138

Bayern MunichGoalsGerman Bundesliga2012-20136

Bayern MunichGoalsUEFA Champions League2012-20133

Bayern MunichMins PlayedDFB-Pokal2012-2013253

Bayern MunichMins PlayedGerman Bundesliga2012-20131,924

Bayern MunichMins PlayedUEFA Champions League2012-2013590

Bayern MunichAppearancesGerman Super Cup20121

GermanyAppearancesFIFA World Cup20123

GermanyAppearancesInternational Friendlies20123

GermanyAppearancesUEFA European Championships20124

GermanyGoalsFIFA World Cup20122

Bayern MunichMins PlayedGerman Super Cup201290

GermanyMins PlayedFIFA World Cup2012225

GermanyMins PlayedInternational Friendlies2012197

GermanyMins PlayedUEFA European Championships2012108

Bayern MunichAppearancesDFB-Pokal2011-20126

Bayern MunichAppearancesGerman Bundesliga2011-201231

Bayern MunichAppearancesUEFA Champions League2011-201214

Bayern MunichAssistsDFB-Pokal2011-20121

Bayern MunichAssistsGerman Bundesliga2011-201210

Bayern MunichAssistsUEFA Champions League2011-20128

Bayern MunichGoalsDFB-Pokal2011-20121

Bayern MunichGoalsGerman Bundesliga2011-20124

Bayern MunichGoalsUEFA Champions League2011-20122

Bayern MunichMins PlayedDFB-Pokal2011-2012550

Bayern MunichMins PlayedGerman Bundesliga2011-20122,351

Bayern MunichMins PlayedUEFA Champions League2011-20121,194

GermanyAppearancesInternational Friendlies20116

GermanyAppearancesUEFA European Championships20115

GermanyAssistsInternational Friendlies20112

GermanyGoalsInternational Friendlies20112

GermanyMins PlayedInternational Friendlies2011454

GermanyMins PlayedUEFA European Championships2011367

Bayern MunichAppearancesDFB-Pokal2010-20113

Bayern MunichAppearancesGerman Bundesliga2010-201127

Bayern MunichAppearancesUEFA Champions League2010-20117

Bayern MunichAssistsDFB-Pokal2010-20111

Bayern MunichAssistsGerman Bundesliga2010-20115

Bayern MunichAssistsUEFA Champions League2010-20112

Bayern MunichGoalsDFB-Pokal2010-20111

Bayern MunichGoalsGerman Bundesliga2010-20111

Bayern MunichMins PlayedDFB-Pokal2010-2011200

Bayern MunichMins PlayedGerman Bundesliga2010-20111,725

Bayern MunichMins PlayedUEFA Champions League2010-2011484

GermanyAppearancesFIFA World Cup20104

GermanyAppearancesInternational Friendlies20106

GermanyAppearancesUEFA European Championships20103

GermanyMins PlayedFIFA World Cup201059

GermanyMins PlayedInternational Friendlies2010265

GermanyMins PlayedUEFA European Championships2010200


LeverkusenAppearancesGerman Bundesliga2009-201033

LeverkusenAssistsGerman Bundesliga2009-201012

LeverkusenGoalsGerman Bundesliga2009-20109

LeverkusenMins PlayedDFB-Pokal2009-2010180

LeverkusenMins PlayedGerman Bundesliga2009-20102,356

Bayern MunichAppearancesDFB-Pokal2008-20091

Bayern MunichAppearancesGerman Bundesliga2008-20097

Bayern MunichAppearancesUEFA Champions League2008-20091

Bayern Munich IIAppearancesGermany Liga 32008-20091


LeverkusenAppearancesGerman Bundesliga2008-200910

Bayern MunichAssistsDFB-Pokal2008-20091

LeverkusenAssistsGerman Bundesliga2008-20091

Bayern MunichGoalsDFB-Pokal2008-20091

Bayern Munich IIGoalsGermany Liga 32008-20091

LeverkusenGoalsGerman Bundesliga2008-20091

Bayern MunichMins PlayedDFB-Pokal2008-200990

Bayern MunichMins PlayedGerman Bundesliga2008-2009285

Bayern MunichMins PlayedUEFA Champions League2008-200911

Bayern Munich IIMins PlayedGermany Liga 32008-200990

LeverkusenMins PlayedDFB-Pokal2008-200991

LeverkusenMins PlayedGerman Bundesliga2008-2009588

Bayern MunichAppearancesDFB-Pokal2007-20082

Bayern MunichAppearancesGerman Bundesliga2007-200812

Bayern MunichAppearancesUEFA Cup2007-20086

Bayern Munich IIAppearancesGermany Liga 32007-200812

Bayern MunichAssistsGerman Bundesliga2007-20082

Bayern MunichAssistsUEFA Cup2007-20082

Bayern Munich IIAssistsGermany Liga 32007-20085

Bayern MunichGoalsUEFA Cup2007-20081

Bayern Munich IIGoalsGermany Liga 32007-20083

Bayern MunichMins PlayedDFB-Pokal2007-200883

Bayern MunichMins PlayedGerman Bundesliga2007-2008353

Bayern MunichMins PlayedUEFA Cup2007-2008173

Bayern Munich IIMins PlayedGermany Liga 32007-20081,020

Toni Kroos
Spanish La Liga
Latest Season
35 Appearances

5 Assists

4 Goals

2,656 Mins Played
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28 Appearances

4 Assists

2,227 Mins Played

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