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Royal Rumble (2009) was the twenty-second annual Royal Rumble professional wrestling pay-per-view event produced by World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). It was presented by Castrol GTX and took place on January 25, 2009, at the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, Michigan and featured talent from the Raw, SmackDown and ECW brands. As has been customary since 1993, the Royal Rumble match winner received a match at that year's WrestleMania, (in this instance: WrestleMania XXV) for his choice at either the WWE Championship, the World Heavyweight Championship or the ECW Championship.

Five professional wrestling matches were featured on the event's supercard, a scheduling of more than one main event. The main event was the annual 30-man Royal Rumble match which featured wrestlers from all three brands. Randy Orton, the eighth entrant, won the match by last eliminating Triple H, the seventh entrant. The primary match on the Raw brand was John Cena versus John "Bradshaw" Layfield for the World Heavyweight Championship, which Cena won by pinfall after performing an Attitude Adjustment. The primary match on the SmackDown brand was a No Disqualification match between Jeff Hardy and Edge for the WWE Championship. The predominant match on the ECW brand was between Jack Swagger and Matt Hardy for the ECW Championship.

Result List
ECW Heavyweight Title Match
Jack Swagger (c) defeats Matt Hardy (10:28)

WWE Women's Title Match
Melina defeats Beth Phoenix (w/Santino Marella) (c) (5:58) - TITLE CHANGE !!!

World Heavyweight Title Match
John Cena (c) defeats John Bradshaw Layfield (w/Shawn Michaels) (15:30)

WWE Heavyweight Title No Disqualification Match
Edge (w/Chavo Guerrero) defeats Jeff Hardy (c) (19:25) - TITLE CHANGE !!!

Royal Rumble Match
Randy Orton defeats Carlito and Chris Jericho and CM Punk and Cody Rhodes and Finlay (w/Hornswoggle) and John Morrison and Kane and Kofi Kingston and Mark Henry (w/Tony Atlas) and Mike Knox and R-Truth and Rey Mysterio and Santino Marella and Shelton Benjamin and Ted DiBiase and The Big Show and The Brian Kendrick (w/Ezekiel Jackson) and Jim Duggan and JTG and The Great Khali and The Miz and The Undertaker and Triple H and Vladimir Kozlov and William Regal (w/Layla) and Dolph Ziggler and Goldust and Montel Vontavious Porter and Rob Van Dam (62:39)
- Vladimir Kozlov eliminated The Great Khali
- Vladimir Kozlov eliminated Montel Vontavious Porter
- Vladimir Kozlov eliminated Carlito
- Triple H eliminated Vladimir Kozlov
- Triple H eliminated John Morrison & The Miz
- The Undertaker eliminated JTG
- Cody Rhodes eliminated Goldust
- Rey Mysterio eliminated Mark Henry
- The Undertaker eliminated Shelton Benjamin
- CM Punk eliminated William Regal
- The Brian Kendrick eliminated Kofi Kingston
- Triple H eliminated The Brian Kendrick
- Kane eliminated Dolph Ziggler
- Kane eliminated Santino Marella
- The Big Show eliminated Jim Duggan
- The Big Show eliminated R-Truth
- The Big Show eliminated CM Punk
- The Big Show eliminated Rey Mysterio & Mike Knox
- Kane eliminated Finlay
- Chris Jericho eliminated Rob Van Dam
- The Undertaker eliminated Chris Jericho
- Cody Rhodes, Ted DiBiase & Randy Orton eliminated Kane
- Randy Orton eliminated The Big Show
- The Big Show eliminated The Undertaker
- Triple H eliminated Ted DiBiase
- Triple H eliminated Cody Rhodes
- Randy Orton eliminated Triple H

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