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1973 (47 years old)

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Canton, Cardiff


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5 ft 10 in (1.79 m)






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Ryan Joseph Giggs, OBE (né Wilson; born 29 November 1973) is a Welsh football coach and former player who is currently the assistant manager at Manchester United and co-owner of Salford City. He played his entire professional career for Manchester United. The son of rugby league player Danny Wilson, Giggs was born in Cardiff but moved to Manchester at the age of six when his father joined Swinton RLFC.

Predominantly a left winger, he began his career with Manchester City, but joined Manchester United on his 14th birthday in 1987. He made his professional debut for the club in 1991 and spent the next 23 years in the Manchester United first team. At the end of the 2013–14 season, he was named as Manchester United's interim player-manager following the sacking of David Moyes. He was named as assistant manager under Moyes' permanent replacement, Louis van Gaal, on 19 May 2014; he retired from playing the same day. He holds the club record for competitive appearances. At international level, Giggs played for the Wales national team 64 times between 1991 and 2007, and was named as the captain of the Great Britain team that competed at the 2012 Summer Olympics.

Giggs is the most decorated player in football history. During his time at United, he won 13 Premier League winner's medals, four FA Cup winner's medals, three League Cup winner's medals, two Champions League winner's medals, a World Club Cup winners medal, an Intercontinental Cup winners medal, a UEFA Super Cup winners medal and nine FA Community Shield winners medals. Giggs captained the team on numerous occasions, particularly in the 2007–08 season when regular captain Gary Neville was ruled out with various injuries.

Giggs also has a number of personal achievements. He was the first player in history to win two consecutive PFA Young Player of the Year awards (1992 and 1993), though he did not win the PFA Player of the Year award until 2009. He was the only player to play in each of the first 22 seasons of the Premier League, as well as the only player to score in each of the first 21 seasons. He was elected into the PFA Team of the Century in 2007, the Premier League Team of the Decade in 2003, as well as the FA Cup Team of the Century. Giggs holds the record for the most assists in Premier League history, with 271. He was named as BBC Sports Personality of the Year in 2009. In addition to the many honours Giggs has received within football, he was appointed an OBE in the Queen's 2007 Birthday Honours List for his services to football.

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Man UnitedAppearancesEFL Cup2013-20142

Man UnitedAppearancesUEFA Champions League2013-20147

Man UnitedAppearancesEnglish Premier League2013-201412

Man UnitedAssistsUEFA Champions League2013-20141

Man UnitedAssistsEnglish Premier League2013-20142

Man UnitedMins PlayedEFL Cup2013-2014180

Man UnitedMins PlayedUEFA Champions League2013-2014492

Man UnitedMins PlayedEnglish Premier League2013-2014503

Man UnitedAppearancesFA Community Shield20131

Man UnitedMins PlayedFA Community Shield201367

Man UnitedAppearancesEFL Cup2012-20131

Man UnitedAppearancesFA Cup2012-20134

Man UnitedAppearancesUEFA Champions League2012-20135

Man UnitedAppearancesEnglish Premier League2012-201322

Man UnitedAssistsUEFA Champions League2012-20131

Man UnitedAssistsFA Cup2012-20132

Man UnitedAssistsEnglish Premier League2012-20133

Man UnitedGoalsFA Cup2012-20131

Man UnitedGoalsEFL Cup2012-20132

Man UnitedGoalsEnglish Premier League2012-20132

Man UnitedMins PlayedEFL Cup2012-2013120

Man UnitedMins PlayedFA Cup2012-2013198

Man UnitedMins PlayedUEFA Champions League2012-2013303

Man UnitedMins PlayedEnglish Premier League2012-20131,167

Man UnitedAppearancesEFL Cup2011-20121

Man UnitedAppearancesFA Cup2011-20122

Man UnitedAppearancesUEFA Europa League2011-20122

Man UnitedAppearancesUEFA Champions League2011-20123

Man UnitedAppearancesEnglish Premier League2011-201225

Man UnitedAssistsUEFA Champions League2011-20122

Man UnitedAssistsEnglish Premier League2011-20128

Man UnitedGoalsEFL Cup2011-20121

Man UnitedGoalsUEFA Champions League2011-20121

Man UnitedGoalsEnglish Premier League2011-20122

Man UnitedMins PlayedEFL Cup2011-201245

Man UnitedMins PlayedUEFA Europa League2011-2012143

Man UnitedMins PlayedFA Cup2011-2012180

Man UnitedMins PlayedUEFA Champions League2011-2012241

Man UnitedMins PlayedEnglish Premier League2011-20121,470

Man UnitedAppearancesEFL Cup2010-20111

Man UnitedAppearancesFA Cup2010-20113

Man UnitedAppearancesUEFA Champions League2010-20118

Man UnitedAppearancesEnglish Premier League2010-201125

Man UnitedAssistsFA Cup2010-20111

Man UnitedAssistsUEFA Champions League2010-20115

Man UnitedAssistsEnglish Premier League2010-20118

Man UnitedGoalsFA Cup2010-20111

Man UnitedGoalsUEFA Champions League2010-20111

Man UnitedGoalsEnglish Premier League2010-20112

Man UnitedMins PlayedEFL Cup2010-201190

Man UnitedMins PlayedFA Cup2010-2011148

Man UnitedMins PlayedUEFA Champions League2010-2011576

Man UnitedMins PlayedEnglish Premier League2010-20111,676

Man UnitedAppearancesFA Community Shield20101

Man UnitedMins PlayedFA Community Shield201011

Man UnitedAppearancesFA Cup2009-20101

Man UnitedAppearancesEFL Cup2009-20102

Man UnitedAppearancesUEFA Champions League2009-20103

Man UnitedAppearancesEnglish Premier League2009-201025

Man UnitedAssistsEFL Cup2009-20101

Man UnitedAssistsUEFA Champions League2009-20101

Man UnitedAssistsEnglish Premier League2009-201012

Man UnitedGoalsEFL Cup2009-20101

Man UnitedGoalsUEFA Champions League2009-20101

Man UnitedGoalsEnglish Premier League2009-20105

Man UnitedMins PlayedFA Cup2009-201032

Man UnitedMins PlayedUEFA Champions League2009-2010107

Man UnitedMins PlayedEFL Cup2009-2010180

Man UnitedMins PlayedEnglish Premier League2009-20101,826

Man UnitedAppearancesFA Community Shield20091

Man UnitedAssistsFA Community Shield20091

Man UnitedMins PlayedFA Community Shield200945

Man UnitedAppearancesFIFA Club World Cup2008-20091

Man UnitedAppearancesFA Cup2008-20092

Man UnitedAppearancesEFL Cup2008-20094

Man UnitedAppearancesUEFA Champions League2008-200911

Man UnitedAppearancesEnglish Premier League2008-200928

Man UnitedAssistsEFL Cup2008-20092

Man UnitedAssistsFA Cup2008-20092

Man UnitedAssistsFIFA Club World Cup2008-20093

Man UnitedAssistsUEFA Champions League2008-20093

Man UnitedAssistsEnglish Premier League2008-20097

Man UnitedGoalsEFL Cup2008-20091

Man UnitedGoalsUEFA Champions League2008-20091

Man UnitedGoalsEnglish Premier League2008-20092

Man UnitedMins PlayedFIFA Club World Cup2008-200990

Man UnitedMins PlayedFA Cup2008-2009146

Man UnitedMins PlayedEFL Cup2008-2009241

Man UnitedMins PlayedUEFA Champions League2008-2009644

Man UnitedMins PlayedEnglish Premier League2008-20091,501

Man UnitedAppearancesFA Community Shield20081

Man UnitedMins PlayedFA Community Shield2008120

Man UnitedAppearancesFA Cup2007-20082

Man UnitedAppearancesUEFA Champions League2007-20089

Man UnitedAppearancesEnglish Premier League2007-200831

Man UnitedAssistsUEFA Champions League2007-20082

Man UnitedAssistsFA Cup2007-20083

Man UnitedAssistsEnglish Premier League2007-20086

Man UnitedGoalsEnglish Premier League2007-20083

Man UnitedMins PlayedFA Cup2007-2008180

Man UnitedMins PlayedUEFA Champions League2007-2008401

Man UnitedMins PlayedEnglish Premier League2007-20082,236

Man UnitedAppearancesFA Community Shield20071

WalesAppearancesInternational Friendlies20071

WalesAppearancesUEFA European Championships20073

Man UnitedGoalsFA Community Shield20071

WalesGoalsUEFA European Championships20071

Man UnitedMins PlayedFA Community Shield200781

WalesMins PlayedInternational Friendlies200777

WalesMins PlayedUEFA European Championships2007253

Man UnitedAppearancesFA Cup2006-20076

Man UnitedAppearancesUEFA Champions League2006-20078

Man UnitedAppearancesEnglish Premier League2006-200730

Man UnitedAssistsFA Cup2006-20072

Man UnitedAssistsEnglish Premier League2006-20077

Man UnitedAssistsUEFA Champions League2006-20078

Man UnitedGoalsUEFA Champions League2006-20072

Man UnitedGoalsEnglish Premier League2006-20074

Man UnitedMins PlayedFA Cup2006-2007550

Man UnitedMins PlayedUEFA Champions League2006-2007605

Man UnitedMins PlayedEnglish Premier League2006-20072,308

WalesAppearancesUEFA European Championships20061

WalesAppearancesInternational Friendlies20064

WalesMins PlayedUEFA European Championships200690

WalesMins PlayedInternational Friendlies2006239

Man UnitedAppearancesFA Cup2005-20062

Man UnitedAppearancesEFL Cup2005-20063

Man UnitedAppearancesUEFA Champions League2005-20065

Man UnitedAppearancesEnglish Premier League2005-200627

Man UnitedAssistsUEFA Champions League2005-20062

Man UnitedAssistsEnglish Premier League2005-200610

Man UnitedGoalsFA Cup2005-20061

Man UnitedGoalsUEFA Champions League2005-20061

Man UnitedGoalsEnglish Premier League2005-20062

Man UnitedMins PlayedFA Cup2005-2006118

Man UnitedMins PlayedEFL Cup2005-2006193

Man UnitedMins PlayedUEFA Champions League2005-2006334

Man UnitedMins PlayedEnglish Premier League2005-20061,859

WalesAppearancesFIFA World Cup20056

WalesGoalsFIFA World Cup20053

WalesMins PlayedFIFA World Cup2005523

Man UnitedAppearancesEFL Cup2004-20051

Man UnitedAppearancesFA Cup2004-20054

Man UnitedAppearancesUEFA Champions League2004-20056

Man UnitedAppearancesEnglish Premier League2004-200532

Man UnitedAssistsUEFA Champions League2004-20051

Man UnitedAssistsEnglish Premier League2004-200511

Man UnitedGoalsEFL Cup2004-20051

Man UnitedGoalsUEFA Champions League2004-20052

Man UnitedGoalsEnglish Premier League2004-20056

Man UnitedMins PlayedEFL Cup2004-200590

Man UnitedMins PlayedFA Cup2004-2005176

Man UnitedMins PlayedUEFA Champions League2004-2005462

Man UnitedMins PlayedEnglish Premier League2004-20052,321

Man UnitedAppearancesFA Community Shield20041

WalesAppearancesFIFA World Cup20041

WalesAppearancesInternational Friendlies20042

Man UnitedMins PlayedFA Community Shield200451

WalesMins PlayedFIFA World Cup200490

WalesMins PlayedInternational Friendlies2004135

Man UnitedAppearancesFA Cup2003-20045

Man UnitedAppearancesUEFA Champions League2003-20048

Man UnitedAppearancesEnglish Premier League2003-200433

Man UnitedAssistsUEFA Champions League2003-20045

Man UnitedAssistsFA Cup2003-20048

Man UnitedAssistsEnglish Premier League2003-200411

Man UnitedGoalsUEFA Champions League2003-20041

Man UnitedGoalsEnglish Premier League2003-20047

Man UnitedMins PlayedFA Cup2003-2004448

Man UnitedMins PlayedUEFA Champions League2003-2004679

Man UnitedMins PlayedEnglish Premier League2003-20042,536

Man UnitedAppearancesFA Community Shield20031

WalesAppearancesUEFA European Championships20037

WalesGoalsUEFA European Championships20031

Man UnitedMins PlayedFA Community Shield2003120

WalesMins PlayedUEFA European Championships2003630

Man UnitedAppearancesFA Cup2002-20033

Man UnitedAppearancesEFL Cup2002-20035

Man UnitedAppearancesUEFA Champions League2002-200315

Man UnitedAppearancesEnglish Premier League2002-200336

Man UnitedAssistsUEFA Champions League2002-20033

Man UnitedAssistsEnglish Premier League2002-20039

Man UnitedGoalsFA Cup2002-20032

Man UnitedGoalsUEFA Champions League2002-20035

Man UnitedGoalsEnglish Premier League2002-20038

Man UnitedMins PlayedFA Cup2002-2003251

Man UnitedMins PlayedEFL Cup2002-2003358

Man UnitedMins PlayedUEFA Champions League2002-20031,146

Man UnitedMins PlayedEnglish Premier League2002-20032,852

WalesAppearancesInternational Friendlies20022

WalesAppearancesUEFA European Championships20023

WalesMins PlayedInternational Friendlies2002151

WalesMins PlayedUEFA European Championships2002270

Man UnitedAppearancesFA Cup2001-20021

Man UnitedAppearancesUEFA Champions League2001-200213

Man UnitedAppearancesEnglish Premier League2001-200225

Man UnitedAssistsEnglish Premier League2001-20022

Man UnitedAssistsUEFA Champions League2001-20022

Man UnitedGoalsUEFA Champions League2001-20022

Man UnitedGoalsEnglish Premier League2001-20027

Man UnitedMins PlayedFA Cup2001-200229

Man UnitedMins PlayedUEFA Champions League2001-20021,154

Man UnitedMins PlayedEnglish Premier League2001-20021,681

Man UnitedAppearancesFA Community Shield20011

WalesAppearancesFIFA World Cup20015

Man UnitedAssistsFA Community Shield20011

WalesAssistsFIFA World Cup20011

Man UnitedMins PlayedFA Community Shield200190

WalesMins PlayedFIFA World Cup2001446

Man UnitedAppearancesFA Cup2000-20012

Man UnitedAppearancesUEFA Champions League2000-200111

Man UnitedAppearancesEnglish Premier League2000-200131

Man UnitedAssistsUEFA Champions League2000-20014

Man UnitedAssistsEnglish Premier League2000-20015

Man UnitedGoalsUEFA Champions League2000-20012

Man UnitedGoalsEnglish Premier League2000-20015

Man UnitedMins PlayedFA Cup2000-2001180

Man UnitedMins PlayedUEFA Champions League2000-2001681

Man UnitedMins PlayedEnglish Premier League2000-20012,217

Man UnitedAppearancesFA Community Shield20001

WalesAppearancesInternational Friendlies20001

WalesAppearancesFIFA World Cup20003

WalesGoalsInternational Friendlies20001

Man UnitedMins PlayedFA Community Shield200078

WalesMins PlayedInternational Friendlies200090

WalesMins PlayedFIFA World Cup2000270

Man UnitedAppearancesFIFA Club World Cup1999-20003

Man UnitedAppearancesUEFA Champions League1999-200011

Man UnitedAppearancesEnglish Premier League1999-200030

Man UnitedAssistsFIFA Club World Cup1999-20001

Man UnitedAssistsUEFA Champions League1999-20002

Man UnitedAssistsEnglish Premier League1999-200012

Man UnitedGoalsUEFA Champions League1999-20001

Man UnitedGoalsEnglish Premier League1999-20006

Man UnitedMins PlayedFIFA Club World Cup1999-2000257

Man UnitedMins PlayedUEFA Champions League1999-2000987

Man UnitedMins PlayedEnglish Premier League1999-20002,495

WalesAppearancesUEFA European Championships19993

WalesGoalsUEFA European Championships19991

WalesMins PlayedUEFA European Championships1999270

Man UnitedAppearancesEFL Cup1998-19991

Man UnitedAppearancesFA Cup1998-19996

Man UnitedAppearancesUEFA Champions League1998-19999

Man UnitedAppearancesEnglish Premier League1998-199924

Man UnitedAssistsEnglish Premier League1998-19991

Man UnitedAssistsFA Cup1998-19991

Man UnitedAssistsUEFA Champions League1998-19992

Man UnitedGoalsFA Cup1998-19992

Man UnitedGoalsEnglish Premier League1998-19993

Man UnitedGoalsUEFA Champions League1998-19995

Man UnitedMins PlayedEFL Cup1998-199990

Man UnitedMins PlayedFA Cup1998-1999502

Man UnitedMins PlayedUEFA Champions League1998-1999741

Man UnitedMins PlayedEnglish Premier League1998-19991,722

Man UnitedAppearancesFA Community Shield19981

WalesAppearancesUEFA European Championships19981

Man UnitedMins PlayedFA Community Shield199870

WalesMins PlayedUEFA European Championships199890

Man UnitedAppearancesFA Cup1997-19982

Man UnitedAppearancesUEFA Champions League1997-19985

Man UnitedAppearancesEnglish Premier League1997-199829

Man UnitedAssistsUEFA Champions League1997-19982

Man UnitedAssistsFA Cup1997-19983

Man UnitedAssistsEnglish Premier League1997-19989

Man UnitedGoalsUEFA Champions League1997-19981

Man UnitedGoalsEnglish Premier League1997-19988

Man UnitedMins PlayedFA Cup1997-1998180

Man UnitedMins PlayedUEFA Champions League1997-1998435

Man UnitedMins PlayedEnglish Premier League1997-19982,425

Man UnitedAppearancesFA Community Shield19971

WalesAppearancesFIFA World Cup19973

Man UnitedAssistsFA Community Shield19971

WalesAssistsFIFA World Cup19972

WalesGoalsFIFA World Cup19971

Man UnitedMins PlayedFA Community Shield199772

WalesMins PlayedFIFA World Cup1997270

Man UnitedAppearancesFA Cup1996-19973

Man UnitedAppearancesUEFA Champions League1996-19977

Man UnitedAppearancesEnglish Premier League1996-199726

Man UnitedAssistsEnglish Premier League1996-19975

Man UnitedGoalsUEFA Champions League1996-19972

Man UnitedGoalsEnglish Premier League1996-19973

Man UnitedMins PlayedFA Cup1996-1997270

Man UnitedMins PlayedUEFA Champions League1996-1997521

Man UnitedMins PlayedEnglish Premier League1996-19972,144

Man UnitedAppearancesFA Community Shield19961

WalesAppearancesFIFA World Cup19963

Man UnitedAssistsFA Community Shield19961

WalesGoalsFIFA World Cup19961

Man UnitedMins PlayedFA Community Shield199690

WalesMins PlayedFIFA World Cup1996270

Man UnitedAppearancesEFL Cup1995-19961

Man UnitedAppearancesUEFA Cup1995-19962

Man UnitedAppearancesFA Cup1995-19967

Man UnitedAppearancesEnglish Premier League1995-199633

Man UnitedAssistsEFL Cup1995-19961

Man UnitedAssistsFA Cup1995-19961

Man UnitedAssistsUEFA Cup1995-19961

Man UnitedAssistsEnglish Premier League1995-19969

Man UnitedGoalsFA Cup1995-19961

Man UnitedGoalsEnglish Premier League1995-199611

Man UnitedMins PlayedEFL Cup1995-199690

Man UnitedMins PlayedUEFA Cup1995-1996180

Man UnitedMins PlayedFA Cup1995-1996630

Man UnitedMins PlayedEnglish Premier League1995-19962,701

WalesAppearancesUEFA European Championships19953

WalesAssistsUEFA European Championships19951

WalesMins PlayedUEFA European Championships1995270

Man UnitedAppearancesUEFA Champions League1994-19953

Man UnitedAppearancesFA Cup1994-19957

Man UnitedAppearancesEnglish Premier League1994-199529

Man UnitedAssistsFA Cup1994-19954

Man UnitedAssistsEnglish Premier League1994-199511

Man UnitedGoalsEnglish Premier League1994-19951

Man UnitedGoalsFA Cup1994-19951

Man UnitedGoalsUEFA Champions League1994-19952

Man UnitedMins PlayedUEFA Champions League1994-1995233

Man UnitedMins PlayedFA Cup1994-1995614

Man UnitedMins PlayedEnglish Premier League1994-19952,417

Man UnitedAppearancesFA Community Shield19941

WalesAppearancesUEFA European Championships19941

WalesGoalsUEFA European Championships19941

Man UnitedMins PlayedFA Community Shield199490

WalesMins PlayedUEFA European Championships199490

Man UnitedAppearancesEFL Cup1993-19942

Man UnitedAppearancesUEFA Champions League1993-19944

Man UnitedAppearancesFA Cup1993-19947

Man UnitedAppearancesEnglish Premier League1993-199438

Man UnitedAssistsUEFA Champions League1993-19942

Man UnitedAssistsEnglish Premier League1993-19947

Man UnitedGoalsFA Cup1993-19941

Man UnitedGoalsEnglish Premier League1993-199413

Man UnitedMins PlayedEFL Cup1993-1994158

Man UnitedMins PlayedUEFA Champions League1993-1994350

Man UnitedMins PlayedFA Cup1993-1994660

Man UnitedMins PlayedEnglish Premier League1993-19942,897

Man UnitedAppearancesFA Community Shield19931

WalesAppearancesFIFA World Cup19936

WalesGoalsFIFA World Cup19932

Man UnitedMins PlayedFA Community Shield199368

WalesMins PlayedFIFA World Cup1993539

Man UnitedAppearancesFA Cup1992-19931

Man UnitedAppearancesUEFA Cup1992-19931

Man UnitedAppearancesEnglish Premier League1992-199341

Man UnitedAssistsEnglish Premier League1992-19935

Man UnitedGoalsFA Cup1992-19931

Man UnitedGoalsEnglish Premier League1992-19939

Man UnitedMins PlayedFA Cup1992-199390

Man UnitedMins PlayedUEFA Cup1992-1993120

Man UnitedMins PlayedEnglish Premier League1992-19933,481

WalesAppearancesFIFA World Cup19923

WalesMins PlayedFIFA World Cup199281

Man UnitedAppearancesEFL Cup1991-19922

Man UnitedAppearancesFA Cup1991-19922

Man UnitedAppearancesEnglish Premier League1991-199222

Man UnitedAssistsEFL Cup1991-19921

Man UnitedGoalsEFL Cup1991-19921

Man UnitedGoalsEnglish Premier League1991-19923

Man UnitedMins PlayedFA Cup1991-1992134

Man UnitedMins PlayedEFL Cup1991-1992176

Man UnitedMins PlayedEnglish Premier League1991-19921,737

Man UnitedAppearancesUEFA Super Cup19911

WalesAppearancesUEFA European Championships19912

Man UnitedMins PlayedUEFA Super Cup199119

WalesMins PlayedUEFA European Championships199133

Man UnitedAppearancesEnglish Premier League1990-19912

Man UnitedGoalsEnglish Premier League1990-19911

Man UnitedMins PlayedEnglish Premier League1990-1991100

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