Sergio Ramos


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1986 (35 years old)

Birth Place
Camas, Spain


Team Number

1.84 m (6 ft 0 in)




Nike Tiempo Legend VII



Market Value
27,00 Mill. €

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Real Madrid

2nd Team

Spanish La Liga

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Sergio Ramos García (Spanish pronunciation: ; born 30 March 1986) is a Spanish professional footballer who plays for and captains both La Liga club Real Madrid and the Spanish national team as a centre back. He has also played as a right back earlier in his career. Ramos is widely regarded as one of the best defenders of his generation and all time, and has received praise for his leadership as well as passing and goalscoring capabilities.

After emerging through Sevilla's youth academy and spending two seasons with the senior side, Ramos moved to Real Madrid in the summer of 2005. Since then, he has gone on to become a mainstay for Real Madrid, and has won 22 major honours, including five La Liga titles and four UEFA Champions League titles, becoming one of La Liga's top goalscorers from a defensive position. He played a crucial part in the build-up to all four UEFA Champions League wins, being named in the competition Squad of the Season each time. He also notably scored the equalizer in the 93rd minute of the 2014 UEFA Champions League Final.

Ramos has been named to the FIFPro World11 eleven times; a record for a defender, and the third-most all-time. He has also been elected to the UEFA Team of the Year nine times, also a record for a defender and the third-most of any player. Additionally, Ramos has been named La Liga's Best Defender a record five times, and to the La Liga Team of the Season in 2015–16.

Internationally, Ramos represented the Spanish national team at four World Cups and three European Championships. He won the 2010 FIFA World Cup and the UEFA European Championship in 2008 and 2012, being named to the FIFA World Cup Dream Team in 2010, and the UEFA Euro Team of the Tournament in 2012. He made his first appearance for Spain at the age of 18 and, in 2013, he became the nation's youngest player to ever reach 100 caps. Ramos currently holds the record as the most capped player in the history of the Spanish national team, and is his country's eighth-highest all-time goalscorer. He also holds the record of most international victories for Spain with 130 matches.

Player Goals

4 in the current 2020-2021 Season

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SpainMins PlayedInternational Friendlies202013

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Real MadridMins PlayedFIFA Club World Cup2016108

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SpainMins PlayedUEFA European Championships2006225

Real MadridAppearancesCopa del Rey2005-20066

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SevillaAppearancesSpanish La Liga2005-20061

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Real MadridMins PlayedCopa del Rey2005-2006540

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SevillaAppearancesSpanish La Liga2004-200531

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SevillaGoalsUEFA Cup2004-20051

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SevillaMins PlayedUEFA Cup2004-2005462

SevillaAppearancesSpanish La Liga2003-20047

SevillaMins PlayedSpanish La Liga2003-2004367

Sergio Ramos
Spanish La Liga
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