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Upcoming Events
19 Mar 20 Richmond Footba  -  Carlton Footbal
20 Mar 20 Western Bulldog  -  Collingwood Foo
21 Mar 20 Essendon Footba  -  Fremantle Footb
21 Mar 20 Adelaide Footba  -  Sydney Swans
21 Mar 20 Gold Coast Foot  -  Port Adelaide F
21 Mar 20 Greater Western  -  Geelong Footbal
22 Mar 20 North Melbourne  -  St Kilda Footba
22 Mar 20 Hawthorn Footba  -  Brisbane Lions
22 Mar 20 West Coast Eagl  -  Melbourne Footb
26 Mar 20 Collingwood Foo  -  Richmond Footba

Latest Results
28 Sep 19 Richmond Footba 114 - 25  Greater Western
21 Sep 19 Collingwood Foo 52 - 56  Greater Western
20 Sep 19 Richmond Footba 85 - 66  Geelong Footbal
14 Sep 19 Brisbane Lions 80 - 83  Greater Western
13 Sep 19 Geelong Footbal 88 - 68  West Coast Eagl
07 Sep 19 Brisbane Lions 65 - 112  Richmond Footba
07 Sep 19 Greater Western 113 - 55  Western Bulldog
06 Sep 19 Geelong Footbal 51 - 61  Collingwood Foo
05 Sep 19 West Coast Eagl 116 - 61  Essendon Footba
25 Aug 19 Western Bulldog 121 - 87  Adelaide Footba

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The Australian Football League (AFL) is the pre-eminent professional competition in the sport of Australian rules football. Through the AFL Commission, the AFL also serves as the sport's governing body, and is responsible for controlling the laws of the game. The league was founded as the Victorian Football League (VFL) as a breakaway from the previous Victorian Football Association (VFA), with its inaugural season commencing in 1897. Originally comprising only teams based in the Australian state of Victoria, the competition's name was changed to the Australian Football League for the 1990 season, after expanding to other states throughout the 1980s.

The league currently consists of 18 teams spread over five of Australia's six states (Tasmania being the exception). Matches have been played in all mainland states and territories of Australia, as well as in New Zealand. The AFL season currently consists of a pre-season competition (currently branded as the "NAB Challenge"), followed by a 23-round regular (or "home-and-away") season, which runs during the Australian winter (March to September). The top eight teams then play off in a four-round finals series, culminating in the AFL Grand Final, which is held at the Melbourne Cricket Ground each year. The winning team in the Grand Final is termed the "premiers", and is awarded the premiership cup. The current premiers are the Western Bulldogs.


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